Alberta Seeks Corridors to Coasts for its Oil

Alberta is Canada’s largest oil-producing region

OilPrice says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was making efforts to take the country away from oil sands, which is described as the world’s most destructive oil operation, but Alberta is strident on opening new energy corridors with the U.S to export its fossil fuels.

The outlet says the high global demand for oil and gas has led the region to believe it can uphold its oil sands as a way of providing the energy needed until enough green alternatives are produced.

According to Pete Guthrie, Alberta’s Energy Minister, the Alberta government plans on creating “economic corridors” to the Canadian and Alaskan coasts to further market access for its landlocked oil and natural gas resources and to circumvent regulatory hurdles blocking new pipelines.

Guthrie said the energy corridors have already received pre-approval for rail, utilities, and crude oil and gas pipelines. In support of Guthrie’s efforts, Alberta’s department of Transportation have taken the initiative to start discussions with provinces British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as First Nations Communities and Stakeholders.

Guthrie said “An internal committee has been formed and we are developing a strategy. No timeline has been set as yet for the building of the corridors, with the focus now being on creating a strategic plan.”

He also said that the corridors have the potential of being built from the Edmonton heartland to the port of Kitimat, British Columbia, markets in Asia and to the port of Churchill, Manitoba and Alaska, all for markets in Europe.

The new corridors could help Alberta further develop its oil sands industry and also help in the expansion of Canada’s oil sands sector.

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