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Pride Ages Development Initiative ( P.A.D.I )

A African-based social development organization with more than 300 projects on youth and women development, Entrepreneurship, skill acquisition and empowerment, scholarships and grants , taking into consideration the health status in over 1,500 urban and remote villages across 20 states in the country and 10 cities in North Africa.

Reaching out to as many as can be, social, physical and psychological education is the basis for impartation. This way, social transformation becomes a catalyst for empowerment. More so, a Youth cannot be productive to the immediate environment without Education.

Empowerment paves way for personal development and also increases the chances of rise in skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship. African Pride Foundation aims to educate and empower underprivileged individuals to be better citizens.

Our Cause

As a Socio-Humanitarian Organization, our purpose is to:

Popular Causes

Effectively, African pride foundation has taken roots in North Africa, West Africa and Asia, reaching the deepest and most remote areas in these regions with our services the best in Africa. About 10 projects are statically cycled in 12 villages and rural areas.

The Read Read Braille Initiative

Pride Ages Development Initiative (P.A.D.I), created the rea

The Build a Home Project

This is a project to help build homes for displaced victims

@ Pride Ages Development Initiative ( P.A.D.I ) We have lots of charity activities taken place around Africa, lets contribute.

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For $10,000 or more you can fully fund a water project for a Community. 100% funds clean water projects. 663 million people drink.

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We’ve funded 300 charity projects on
youth and women development.

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Without Volunteers, donors and funds, our goals wouldn’t be achieved. To support our cause and make a difference, volunteer with us.

It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Pick a photo. And just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money.

Our Events

To achieve our goals, there are some events that are organized to cover these needs and protect the interests of the Organization, setting things in motion for a positive outcome. These are also fundraising events like:

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Our partners rely on us to create trust, credibility and utmost transparency in all charity causes. We are trusted to use all resources and knowledge at our disposal to ensure all projects are well executed and to the intended people.