The launch of African Pride Magazine (flaunting the true way of life) is with a view to promoting the culture and the elegant styles of Africans, within and outside the African continent, because we realize that the power of unity and the beauty of living are highly celebrated by Africans. Africa is the most beautiful of the continents in the world and we must flash back in time, a little, to reveal our rich cultural heritage, highlighting scenes of different achievements in most dynamic African societies.

We invite you all to come on board. Be informed, inspired, entertained and above all, be ‘wowed!’  Others make promises but africanpride keeps them. Have a wonderful trip with us.

Arowolo Nurudeen Olayiwola

Publisher/ CEO




 To be the undisputed leading entertainment magazine in Africa



“We shall be a pioneering role model for all African magazines in promoting African Interests and traditions in all spheres of human endeavour to the world, while building a sustainable and friendly institutional entertainment library in Africa.”