Calgary Police to Launch Use of E-Ticketing for Traffic Violations

Using E-tickets could save an estimated $700,000 annually as revealed in the budget information.

Calgary police will soon launch e-ticketing in the city, as a provincial portal is now ready for testing, reports Livewire Calgary.

According to the report, Acting Insp. Rob Patterson with the Calgary Police Service Traffic Section informed Calgary Police Commission (CPC) members of the initiative last month.

Acting Insp. Patterson reportedly told the commission that “we will be rolling out e-ticketing and instead of going through an administrative process, it will be through a ticket process through the courts.”

In May 2017, the province expanded the scope and use of e-ticketing in the Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences said Livewire Calgary. The rules enabled the courts to use electronic violation tickets in carrying out their functions.

Although the project was initially delayed, according to Patterson, it is once again moving ahead. The budget information provided by the CPC, reveals that the switch to e-ticketing would save the province an estimated $700,000 annually.

Livewire Calgary report says the province have confirmed the e-ticketing system would begin testing by the end of February. The report says a new web-based portal was developed to allow police services to issue violation tickets electronically via Advanced Projects Information System (APIS). The tickets issued will then proceed directly to traffic court.

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