AI Representation of the Yoruba Orishas (gods)

A Nigerian AI Artist, Oluseni  @olusenishoks asked AI to show him what the Yoruba Orishas (gods) looked like and we are all in for the looks. So lit!

OYA- Also known as Ola, Yansan-an,  Yansa and Lansa in Latin America is the Yoruba goddess of weather, death and rebirth. She can command lightning, storms, tornadoes and earthquakes. She is the patron of the Niger River known as Odo-Oya.

OGUN- The Yoruba god of Iron. Ogun was a warrior and a powerful spirit of metal work. Also known as Ogum in Latin America.

SANGO- The Yoruba god of fire, justice and thunder. Also known as Chango or Xango in Latin America. He is considered one of the most powerful rulers that Yorubaland ever produced.

OKO- The Yoruba god of Agriculture. He was a strong hunter and farming deity as well as a fighter against sorcery. Bees are considered the messengers of Oko.

ESU- Considered the “trickster god”, the god of crossroads, misfortune death, and chaos. He is the deity in charge of law enforcement and orderliness. He teaches that there is always two sides to every issue.

OLODUMARE- The King of Heavens, Supreme King of the Gods, Sky, Earth, and Universe. There is no image or shrine made directly towards Olodumare. He is called upon when other deities are incapable or unwilling to help. The Supreme God.

AJA- The Orisha of the forest, the animal within it and herbal healers. Also referred to as the Wild Wind, she is considered one of the rarest Earth gods because she reveals herself to humans to teach them her healing knowledge.

OSUMARE- This means the rainbow in Yoruba language and the god is the spirit of the Rainbow, Serpent, Regeneration and Rebirth.

ERINLE- This is an orisha of health and medicine, the physician to other deities. The god is also considered the patron of homosexual and transgender people.

ODUDUWA- Traditionally, he was the Olofin of Ile-Ife, a divine king in Yoruba land. He is the chief god, hero and father of the Yoruba.

MAWU- This is the creator goddess, associated with the Sun and Moon. Mostly prominent among the Dahomey people, she is believed to be represented by the moon that brings the night and cooler temperature.

OBATALA- The god of human creation. He was given the task to create the Earth but failed and was punished by his Olodumare with the task of creating Humans.

OSANYIN- The one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged god of healing, magic and talking. He was blessed by Olodumare with the knowledge of herbs, leaves and roots for healing.

YEMOJA- This is the deity of the river and mother of all other Yoruba gods. She is considered the giver of life. She is believed to cure infertility in women.

AJE- The goddess of trade and economic prosperity. The Yoruba deity of wealth sent by Olodumare to give support to anybody involved in business.

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