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Top 5 Current Female Fashion Trends for 2022

Check out these top current female fashion trends for your next shopping inspiration.

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Bohemian Florals:

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This year floral prints are rocking the runway and they are a must have to stay trendy.

Puff Sleeves:

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This sleeve has what called “the staying power”. This sleeve is so versatile and can be worn in different variations. It has been showcased with gowns, coats and shirtdresses.

Maxi Dresses:

[Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan]
This is considered the most versatile fashion item a woman can own. Maxi dresses never go out of style, and of course is still trending in 2022. Maxi dresses can be worn to almost any of occasion or setting.


[Photo Credit: Zaful]
The popularity of crochets have grown over the years and are now even more prominent in the 2022 female fashion trends. It has become the style of choice for beaches and vacations.

Wide Leg Pants:

[Photo Credit: Style your occasion]
The current female fashion trend has moved from one of skin-tight jeans to wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are quite the trendy fashion style now, especially when paired with a crop top.






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