Employee Admits They Quit and Took Training Documents with Them.

A TikToker with username, Queerbigan, has admitted that she took training documents with her when she quit her job.

A TikToker with username, Queerbigan has sparked reaction on the platform on the subject of employer-employee relationship. In the viral video, they admitted that they felt unappreciated at their job and when they quit, they took all the training documents they produced at work with them.

They said their employer is asking for the document in less than 24 hours of quitting. The viral video has sparked reaction with some viewers in support and others criticizing them for admitting to a crime publicly. Comments suggested that they may be facing legal actions for taking intellectual property and others thought it served the company right.

In the video, they said “It has been less than 24 hours since my last day at work. On my way out of work, I took all of the training documents that I created, because they didn’t have, honestly a lot of things digitally, physically, systematically, before me.”

They continued “And I was happy to provide those things, I loved my job, even though they were under paying me for even the work that I was supposed to do, let alone everything I was doing on top of it. And then they had the gall to, you know, give the title and payoff what I was doing to other people.”

“And when I asked for even just a title change ‘no financial, whatever, I just wanted some recognition’, they said no, because it would be too confusing. And so that’s why I took my documents with me because, clearly, they don’t value me.”

“They don’t actually appreciate me, and they don’t know what I do. Because if they did understand what I do, then they would appreciate me, they would have no choice. So it’s been less than a day since I left and what are they doing? Asking for the documents.”

The video has gone viral and a lot of people have mixed reaction. Let us know what you think of their actions and the consequences that may arise from it. Should an employee leave with intellectual documents created during the time of their employment? Were they within their right and should the company have taken it as though they were only after them self?

Take to the comments section to let us know your thoughts.

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