Why are the Comoros Islands Called the “Perfume Isles?”

Have you ever heard of the Perfume Isles, or perhaps wondered why they are referred to as that?

Many have dreamt of having their honeymoon at a destination with beautiful white beaches and intriguing coral reefs. Dreams of exploring the beautiful paradise scattered across the globe, taking in the natural beauty, blue waters and wildlife.

It will interest you to know that nestled in the Southeastern coast of Africa, to the east of Mozambique and northwest of Madagascar lies one of the most beautiful wonders of the world – the Comoros Islands.

Although magical, these islands are one of the least visited in the world, due to numerous coups and power struggles. But for those who have braved a visit, it was described as mind-blowing and surreal. A one in a life-time experience!

The Islands have an active volcano, a salt lake, marine parks, and an abundance of cloves. But the most interesting, is the perfumed air. The Ylang Ylang flower, an ingredient used in many of the world’s most popular perfume brands, is grown and harvested in the Comoros. The flower is processed into essential oil for exports.

The scent of the Ylang Ylang flowers permeates the air of the Comoros, hence the name “Perfume Isles.”

[Ylang Ylang Flower]

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