Unforgettable 90s Nollywood Movies

The Nollywood movies produced in the 90s told unforgettable stories deep rooted in African culture and traditions.

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The movies of the 90s had such great story lines and full of deep moral lessons. They were made with the intention to not only put political leaders in check, but to teach the value of family and friendship as well as the importance of good virtues. Of course, these movies were accompanied with great comics, while not deviating from morals.

Living in Bondage: This two-part movie was produced in 1992. It told the story of a young man who would do anything for wealth. He joined a cult of evil men who told him to murder his wife after which his wealth came. Unfortunately for “Andy”, the main character, he couldn’t enjoy his wealth as the spirit of his dead wife kept tormenting him. He was forced to confess to the death of his wife. Living in Bondage was directed by Chris Obi Rapu, starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Nnenna Nwabueze, Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and others.

Domitila: This was a 1996 movie produced by Zikoko, starring Anne Njemanze, Sandra Achums, Kate Henshaw, Late Adah Ameh and Late Enebeli Elebuwa, and others. It tells the story of 4 prostitutes who get into adventures to make money. Unfortunately for them, they were caught up in the mysterious death of a politician and must do everything possible to prove their innocence.

Sakobi (The Snake Girl): This movie was produced in 1998, directed by Zeb Ejiro, starring Emmanuel France, Mimi Ejiro, Francis Duru, Ebele Uzochukwu, Ernest Obi, Stella Damasus, to mention a few. It told the story of a poor man who sacrificed his daughter to get rich. His sacrifice was rejected and he ended up paying a great price which was a short lifespan.

Sango: Produced in 1997 by Obafemi Lasode, the movie depicts the life and reign of the legendary African King Sango, the fourth Alaafin of Oyo kingdom in the 15th century.  The short-tempered king upon his death, became one of the most important gods of the traditional Yoruba religion. Starring Wale Adebayo (Sango), Peter Fatomilola, Rachel Oniga amongst others.

Owo Blow: This is a 1996 movie acted in Yoruba language, directed by Tade Ogidan. The movie had three parts: The Genesis, The Revolt and The FinaL Struggle. It told the story of a man who was jailed unfairly after he intervened in the harsh treatment of traders by the State Task Force during a market raid. This turned his family upside down. It vividly portrayed the vices of the Nigerian government.

Tell us in the comment section, which 90s Nollywood movies do you remember and which would like to be brought back to our screens.


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