Ovo (Ireti Doyle) has just tried to stab her best friend Nana at the mall.
After her arrest and detention she reveals to the police why she tries to kill her best friend: she discovers that her best friend has been having an affair with her husband and they have both got married secretly. 

Nana is interviewed and she too immediately claims that Olumide is her husband instead.

Ovo is surprised to see a psychotherapist being brought in to interview her instead of a police detective.

She has the shock of her life when the psychotherapist tells her that her alleged three-year-old marriage to Olumide never really happened. The more she struggles to prove her wedding and marriage story to the psychotherapist, police and husband, the more they question her sanity.

Who is Olumide really married to?

Will Ovo save her marriage and prove her sanity?

Torn, a suspense filled thriller is about love, friendship and (in)sanity.

Written produced and directed by: Moses Inwang


Genre: Thriller

Location: Lagos


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