Top 5 Suit Colors Every man should own

When you are trying to piece together your suit, you should always put in mind what color to prioritize.

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As a man you need at least two suits in your wardrobe, perhaps more, that would depend on your preference. However, it is important to put into consideration some colors that will suit every need or occasion. Check out these essential suit colors every man should include in their wardrobes.

Navy Blue: This color is as important as a black suit. It is suited for virtually every occasion you can think of and goes with almost every shirt color. Navy blue is a versatile color perfect for formal occasions and social events.

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Charcoal Grey: This is an ideal color when you are going for a professional suit color. They are considered classy and very dressy by fashion enthusiast. It also compliments every skin color. It gives you a refined and matured look.

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Brown Suits: These aren’t a very popular color choice among men, but they definitely give you the sophisticated vibe. Brown colored suits are also very easy to accessorize and they can look both casual and semi-formal all at once.

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Maroon Suit: If you are looking to stand out at an event, this is the color you should consider. Marron is the perfect color for that high class occasion to make you look like a million bucks. Maroon suits have a cheerful and celebratory feeling about them.

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Black Suits: Of course, every man must own a black suit. This is in fact the first color that comes to most minds at the mention of suits. They are stunning, gives you the formal look and can be paired with any color of shirt.
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