Top 3 Attractions Recommended in Badagry, Nigeria

Badagry is a coastal town and local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria.

[Photo Credit: The Nation Newspaper]

Badagry lies on the north bank of Porto Novo Creek and shares border with Republic of Benin. Here are some attractions that will interest you when you visit Badagry, Nigeria.

The Agia Tree Monument:

[Photo Credit: The Moda Culture]
This is close to the Badagry town hall and is on the site once occupied by the ancient Agia tree. The Agiya tree was a 160 feet tree with a circumference of 30 feet. It was famed as the tree under which Christianity was first preached in Nigeria. The tree lived for over 300 years, until a storm uprooted it on June 20, 1959. A monument was erected in place of the tree in 2012 at the 170 years celebration of Christianity in Nigeria.

Badagry Slave Museum:

[Photo Credit: Vikimedia Commons]
The museum is a place to visit if you want to learn about slavery in Nigeria. The museum shed more light on the darkest period in human history and you get to learn about the heritage left behind. It houses several artefacts that were used in the transportation of slaves.

Velekete Slave Market:

[Photo Credit: Observe Nigeria]
Established in 1502 and named after the velekete deity “the goddess of ocean and wind”, the market was held every five days. It was the meeting point for European slave merchants, African middlemen and slaves bought and sold.


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