Togolese Ayimolou Recipe

Ayimolou is one of the daily dishes native to the Togolese.

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Ayimolou is a dish made out of rice and beans, cooked together, with a tomato sauce added on

Top. Ayimolou is also usually cooked with Sorghum leaves to give it the reddish/pink color.

Recipe for Ayimolou    


White Beans (also called black eyed beans)

Sorghum leaves.

Salt to taste


Groundnut oil


Procedure for Ayimolou

First, pick out the dirt in your beans and wash. In a pot, boil your beans and the Sorghum leaves together with enough water. When the beans becomes a bit soft, add your washed rice, followed by onions, oil and salt. Cover and cook for 45 minutes or till you get the desired texture. Serve your Ayimolou with Tomato sauce.


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