Tips on How to Groom Your Cat

Keeping your cat clean makes them happy. Grooming you cat is essential to helping them maintain a healthy and comfortable coat and fur.

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Regular grooming affords you the opportunity to bond and spend quality time with your cat. From skin care to nail grooming, take a look at these tips, on how to groom your cat and keep them healthy. If you cannot efficiently do all of these without hurting your cat, it is advisable to visit a professional groomer for help.

Bathing: When your cat gets into something sticky and smelly, you will need to bathe them. Give him or her a bathe when they are mellow. Place your cat in the sink, with a cotton in his or her ears to avoid water getting into them. Use a hand held spray to wet your pet and ensure to keep the water away from the eyes and nose. Gently massage cat shampoo into the fur, then thoroughly rinse off with lukewarm water. Wrap your cat in warm fluffy towel and gently dry them off.

Brushing: Regularly brush your cat’s fur to help them remove dirt, grease and dead hair. Use a cat comb and brush through their coat gently so as not hurt or startle them. You may reward your kitty with a treat as you brush. Whilst brushing through the fur, check for skin problems like flea, fungal infections weight loss or anything out of the ordinary.

Clip the Furs: Most cats do not need their fur clipped or trimmed, but your own cat may need clipping or trimming. If such is the case, trim your cat’s fur using clippers designed for animals only. Lightly and gently guide the clipper over the cat’s body, and leave enough hair to prevent skin problems.

Trim their Nails: To help prevent infections and an irregular gait, you will need to regularly trim your cat’s nails. Trim the nails gently and meticulously to minimize the risk of hurting him/her. Avoid cutting too close to the blood vessel inside the nail.


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