Three Reasons your handbag is Peeling and how to prevent it

Often times, handbag labels claim that the leather is entirely real, but the truth is most of them aren’t made of real leather.

vivid fine leather handbags collection on San Lorenzo market in Florence, Italy, Europe [Photo Credit: Mkistryn/ Getty Images/ iStockphotos]

Despite these claims, some bags are made of bonded materials with a synthetic covering. When your bag is made of genuine leather, and it is properly cared for, it will last a long time without peeling. That is to say even when made of genuine leather, your handbag still needs proper care. When not cared for properly, it will still break and peel. Buying an expensive or genuine leather bag doesn’t guarantee that it will not peel, except properly cared for.

  1. Use of Alcohol Based Products: One of the reasons your bag will peel is the cleaning products you use. According to High on Leather, “the sealer on the leather’s surface, rather than the leather itself, is frequently the source of cracking”. When your cleaning products contain alcohol or abrasive, then the material of your handbag will be damaged.

Instead, use leather friendly products in cleaning your handbag. This will prevent peeling                   caused by the use of alcohol based products. Other times, you can simply clean with a                        damp, not wet, cloth.

  1. Bonded/Synthetic Leather: If your handbag is made of bonded, synthetic, low grade leather, then it is prone to peel quickly. Bonded leather is a mix of synthetic and genuine leather and this reduces the durability of your handbag.

You can maintain your synthetic leather bag by keeping it away from heat. Excess heat and               moisture destroys your handbag faster than you can imagine, even a genuine leather bag.                 Keep away from liquid and grease.

  1. Lack of Maintenance and Care: Even when your handbag is made of genuine leather or it is the highest luxury bag you have purchased, it still needs to be properly cared for.

Regularly condition your handbag every few months. To prevent damage, store your bag                    using old newspapers or bubble wrap, this will help keep them in shape.


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