Three Important Topics to Discuss in your Relationship

Communication is a very important aspect of every relationship.


It is important that you discuss some topics no matter how difficult. Discussing these topics helps you to better understand your partner and their needs. You will find that they help to make your relationship better and leave room for growth. Change is constant in every relationship, this is why it is very important that you do not stop having these conversations.

Sexual Intimacy: Whether you are in a new relationship or been married for years, it is important that you constantly discuss sexual intimacy. Talk about what turns you on, your sexual fantasy, your limitations and every other thing related to sex. It will be exciting and at the same time enlightening to both discover these things. When you talk about your sexual inhibitions and expectations, it brings you closer while trying to find ways to handle them together. Also, if you are in a new relationship, it helps to know if you are sexually compatible.

Family: You should have constant discussions about family expectations. What kind of family do you want to have, how do you want to incorporate your extended family into the new one you are building? Family visitations, how to raise kids, what values do you want to teach your kids. Everything related to family should be adequately and constantly discussed.

Money: Often times, money has been one of the causes of divorce or breakup in relationships. You must have better money talks with your partner. When you are both not on the same page on how to handle money, there will always be emotional stress and tension. Failing to discuss about money leads to irritation and hostility towards your partner. Discuss your lifestyle choices, along with saving and investment plans.



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