Three Easy Ways to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Check out these easy steps to transition from relaxed to natural if you do not want to cut your hair.

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The first step to transitioning is to stop relaxing your hair. It may be tempting to want to relax your hair so that it is easy for you to comb, but for you to maintain the length of your hair and not cut it, you need to stop using chemical products. Rather invest in oils and shampoos that makes it easy for you to detangle. Give yourself time to adjust to the transition.

The second step is to avoid heat: Avoid using hair straighteners on your hair if you really desire to transition. Natural hair does not stay flat, so leave it alone. It may appear rather strong as the relaxed ones grow out, but you need to treat it with care and attention and heat is not one of the ways to do that. Instead, trim the edges regularly and moisturize often.

Lastly, wear protective Hairstyles. Once you find a style that works for you, then stick to it. Protective hairstyles are a sure way to help you transition to a natural hair easily. When you find hairstyles that works, stick with it. Also, allow your hair to breathe occasionally. The transitioning period is not the time to be exploring various hairstyles.

Bottom-line is make sure to give your hair enough time to transition, be patient and treat it with great care.



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