The Three Types of Golden Retrievers

Want to know about the three types of golden retrievers?

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Golden retrievers are a popular family dog breed, but a lot of people don’t know that there are actually three types of golden retrievers. This is because golden retrievers have the same personality and will behave in the same way.

If you are looking to buy a golden retriever, then this is for you to know that there are three types of golden retriever. Although, the differences are mostly physical and does not really have an impact on their temperament or health. The differences are a result of breeding over the years.

Generally, golden retrievers are loving, athletic and affectionate dog breeds. They love attention and likes to be regularly exercised. They are astounding companions who can adapt with people of all ages.

Canadian Golden Retrievers:

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These ones are slightly physically different from the other two. They have darker, shorter and thinner coats, with less feathering on the back of the forelegs, neck and tail. The Canadian golden retrievers have broad, well-defined heads, dark, somewhat elongated eyes, and their ears are set further back on the head. They are also a few inches taller than the other two golden retrievers. Canadian retrievers come in all shades of gold.

American Golden Retrievers:

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They are long-limbed and less muscular, but less impressive than the other two. They are easily perceptible with their rich shades of gold, but their coats are usually too pale or too dark. American golden retrievers have long, thick and wavy water-repellent coat, with heavy feathering around the neck, chest, thighs, tail and almond-shaped eyes.

British Golden Retrievers:

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These breed have long, flat feathery cream coats with a protruding ruff around their necks. British golden retrievers are more solidly built and heavier than the other two. They have broader features, large round dark eyes that are at the same level with the ears, with a wider muzzle.


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