The Keys to Having a Healthy Marriage

Though it takes a lot of work to make a marriage work, with both of you working together and not against each other, then it is possible.

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I hope you find these keys to a happy, healthy marriage helpful.

Communication: Experts always lay emphasis on the importance of communication in every relationship, same as marriage. It is important that you both communicate your needs in the best possible way to each other. Your partner is not a mind reader and cannot know what you want in your marriage if you do not say it. The ability to talk and listen to each is key to a healthy marriage.

Intimacy: Intimacy is a sure way to open your relationship to a many opportunities of enjoyment and closeness. Intimacy is not only limited to sexuality, there’s also what’s called emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy is a closeness in which you both feel secure and trusted.

Spiritual Connection: You can build a healthy, happy relationship just by sharing a spiritual connection. When you both have the same kind of relationship with God and connecting with Him, you will find some common ground.

Respect: You must have mutual respect for each other. Without respect, your marriage could become stressful and toxic. Understanding each other’s viewpoint on subjects and trying to work around it is key.

Trust: This is a very important key to a healthy marriage. Both partners must take time to build mutual unbreakable trust for each and do all that you can not to break the trust.


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