Thailand Children’s Daycare Attack Leaves Children, others dead

An ex-police officer killed 37 people, including children at a daycare Centre before killing himself and his family.

[Photo Credit: BBC]

An ex-policeman reportedly killed 37 children, including children in a knife and gun rampage at a daycare centre in northeast Thailand, before going ahead to kill his family, then himself at home.

The police said most of the children, ranging from two to five years old, died from stabbing. He also killed adults on his rampage before fleeing the scene.

The man identified as Panya Kamrab, aged 34, was sacked in June for drug use. The police said he was facing trial on a drug charge. The police have yet to find the motive behind the attack.

The man whose son attends the daycare was said to have shot officials of the daycare before then forcing his way into a locked room where the children were sleeping.

Reuters reports that “A large van that police said contained bodies of 22 people, mostly, children, was seen departing from a police station headed towards the city of Udon Thani, where autopsies will be performed”.

The attacker reportedly used a 9mm piston which he acquired legally. Although most of the attacks were done with knife.


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