Taylor Swift Dominates MTV EMAs

Taylor Swift dominates MTV EMAs as she takes home four top awards.

Taylor Swift has dominated this year’s MTV’s Europe Music Awards on Sunday as she takes home four awards, out of the six she was nominated for.  She won the best artist, best video, best pop and best long form video categories.

The 32-year-old pop singer who wore a bejeweled mesh, said when accepting the long form video award from singer/song writer Julian Lennon, “I have been writing and directing my music videos for a long time but this was the first short film I have made and I felt like I learned so much about how making film can be a natural extension of my story telling just like song writing”.

As she accepted each award for the night, she thanked her fans, “Swifties” for the firm support. When she accepted the best artist award from David Hasselholff, Swift said “You have no idea how much this even means to me to do this as a career. There is not a single moment that I take that for granted. I love you so much, I can’t believe I get to do this as a job, it is all because of you”. “Thank you so much”, she added.

The annual event which was broadcast live on MTV, took place at Düsseldorf in Western Germany and was hosted by Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, honored celebrities from Brazil to South Korea. Nicki Minaj, Harry Styles, Muse and Gorillaz all won categories.





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