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[Thule Tule]

The Sotho people are a group of people living in Bostwana, Lesotho, Northern South Africa. They are also known as the Basuto or Basotho people. The traditional attire of the Sotho people depends on the sex, age and even the occasion.

The women customarily wear long dresses and skirts in vibrant shades and patterns with blankets around their necks and they wear the traditional Basotho dress called the SESHOESHOE, usually in different patterns and designs, for special occasions.
A couple of Lesotho [Shwe shwe]

Young men of Lesotho in Lesotho hats and traditional wrap [The Design Train]
Young men of Sotho wear the TESHA, which is an undergarment, while the men put on blankets made from animal skin. The hat is an important part of the Lesotho fashion as it worn to reflect national identity and pride.
[Pu Eble Rino]


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