Rock and Roll Star, Jerry Lee Lewis Dies at 87

The legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, best known for hit song Great Balls of Fire dies at 87.

[Photo Credit: People]

The rock and roll star, Jerry Lee Lewis, who called himself The Killer and whose outrageous talent, energy and ego collided on his records died on Friday morning at 87.

Lewis died in his home in Memphis, Tennessee, said representative Zach Farnum in a release. He was described as “a one-man stampede”. He was known for his stage pranks, such as playing piano standing up and occasionally lighting one on fire.

His private life raged in ways that almost ended his career. For a brief time, in 1958, he was a contender to replace Presley as rock’s number one, after Elvis was drafted into the army. While Lewis toured in England, the press discovered that he was married to 13-year-old (possibly even 12-year old) Myra Gale Brown who was his cousin. During the time, he was still married to his wife.

His tour was cancelled, he was blacklisted from the radio and his earnings dropped to nothing overnight. He also struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, legal disputes and physical illness.



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