Rihanna Reveals Pregnancy at Super Bowl Half-Time Show

Rihanna wows the Super Bowl stadium after she revealed her baby bump during her half-time show.

In an interview last week, the singer had said she was “thinking about bringing someone” when she was asked if there would be any surprises during her performance. “I’m not sure, we will see”, she said.

With that announcement, fans thought she was going to come on stage with an artist, maybe someone she collaborated with in the past. Nobody expected that the 34-year old singer was in fact, going to reveal a baby bump in her first live show in seven years.

In a 13-minute set, Rihanna dazzled the crowd with her hit songs, which includes Only Girl (In the World), Where Have You Been, Diamonds, Rude Boy, We Found Love, Run This Town, Umbrella, and All of the Lights.

Although, Rihanna did not draw attention to the bump, it was clearly noticeable all through her performance, which left her fans speculating if she was pregnant or not. However, a representative confirmed that she is expecting her second child, nine months after she and her partner A$AP Rocky welcomed their son.

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