Quadri Aruna Beats Japan’s Harimoto to Reach Quaterfinals in WTT Singapore Smash

Aruna sets a new African record with his win.

Nigeria’s top table tennis player, Qaudri Aruna, won against Japan’s Tomikazu Harimoto when they played in round 16 of the men’s singles of the 2023 WTT Singapore Smash on Thursday.

The reigning African champion set a new record as the first African to qualify for the quarterfinal of the WTT Singapore Smash. Aruna outshined Harimoto to end his losing streak with class and poise at 3-0 (11-7, 13-11, 11-7).

Prior to this historic win, Aruna, ranked 14th  in the world, had lost thrice to Harimoto who is ranked 4th in the world. The 35-year-old Nigerian star is the only surviving African in the competition following the early exit of Egypt’s quartet of Omar Assar, Dina Meshref, Hana Goda and Mariam Alhodaby.

Aruna said “I actually spoke with some coaches here and they gave me some great advice on how to play Harimoto, so I tried it out. I’ve been trying out some tactics before against him and it didn’t work but the advice from the coaches really worked very well for me today.”

“But of course I have to keep the advice to myself for our next meeting… this actually was a very good one for me. For Africa and Nigeria, it’s another quarterfinal and I really hope I can make it count this time too.”

Depending on who wins the clash between Brazil’s Hugo Calderano and Slovenia’s Darko Jorgic, Aruna will be competing against one of them in the quarterfinals.

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