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President Mwinyi Orders Strict Use of Kiswahili in Public Institutions

President of Zanzibar, Hussein Mwinyi, has ordered the strict use of Kiswahili in Ministries and Public institutions.

Zanzibar President, Hussein Mwinyi, has mandated Ministries and Public Institutions to implement the use of Kiswahili in meetings, forums, seminars, workshops and documents to promote the use of the language, reports Tanzania Daily News.

In a speech given by the president at the opening of 6th Kiswahili International Forum, He said “Kiswahili should also be used in policies, laws, and regulations, agreements, naming streets, roads, banners, logos, and other.”

According to the outlet, Mwinyi emphasized the proper use of Kiswahili to Journalists, editors, and media. He explained that the in other to strengthen the use of Kiswahili, the media should avoid mixing it with English, as it confuses people in understanding the language.

He also emphasized the use of the language in teaching in higher institutions. “Higher learning institutions and universities should also utilize the existing opportunities in Kiswahili by promoting this language, especially through organizing teaching programmes, which integrate Kiswahili, economy and entrepreneurship. Universities should also train young people on translation along with other languages for better translation that meet international standards,” he said.

Kiswahili is the native language of the Swahili people which is native mainly to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and other African countries. It is one of the three official languages of the East African Community Countries, others being French and English. In November 2021, UNESCO declared July 7th as World Kiswahili Language Day.

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