Personal Hygiene Tips for Teens

Many teens tend to ignore their personal hygiene as they may is see it as boring or no longer necessary.

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Health and personal hygiene experts have noted that teens tend to grow less interested in their personal hygiene, especially when they are no longer under the watchful eyes of their parents. However, good personal hygiene serves important functions as it helps to prevent harmful germs and skin infections as well as other illnesses.

Good personal hygiene is also important in helping social interactions. When you look clean and smell good, people gravitate towards you more and it helps you to make positive interactions with people.

Hence, it is essential that as a teen, you take care of your personal hygiene and as a parent you help your teens maintain personal hygiene as best as you can. Good personal hygiene show people that you take care of and value yourself, which makes them respect you more.

As a parent, this is not the time to assume that your teen is grown enough to take care of him/herself. This is the time when kids experience various changes in their bodies that they may not know how to handle properly. Another reason you mustn’t ignore your teen’s personal hygiene is that a poor hygiene might be a sign of depression.

Every teen should practice these basic personal hygiene routines.

  • Bathing: In order not to develop body odor, which may in turn lead to bullying then depression, ensure your teen bathe regularly. This is the time when they develop a new sweat gland in the armpit and genitals as hair grows there. Hence, you need to explain the need for regular bathing, especially when they must have been outdoors for long, or after a physical activity. Even when they are indoors, ensure that your teen bathe.
  • Oral Hygiene: This helps teens to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Ensure that you regularly brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Parents, ensure that you properly monitor your teen’s oral hygiene, ensure they have regular visit to the dentist if need be.
  • Nail/Hand Care: Often times, teens feel it is stylish to allow their nails grow long. However, nails tend to breed germs which can be transferred into the mouth, nose, and eyes. It is also essential to wash your hands after all activity that is, before and after eating, a visit to the loo, playing outside, playing with the pet and so on.
  • Shaving: When children start to develop facial, genital and armpit hair, you will need to give advice on when start shaving and how to go about it. Help them choose the right shaving cream and/or razor.


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