Oron museum is a museum in Oron, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.


Oron museum is one of more than 30 museums in Nigeria. The museum is house to some of the oldest and finest wood carvings in Africa. It was established in 1958, to accommodate eight hundred ancestral figures called Epku.

Unfortunately, during the civil war, the museum was destroyed and many wood carvings were carted away. However, Keith Nicklin helped reconstruct the Oron Museum and it was reinaugurated in 1975.

Being a national heritage, there are loads of fun things to do at the Oron museum. The Oron museum is presently home to various ethnographic wooden sculptures from across Nigeria. The museum also has a display of bunkers used in the civil war. The museum has a crafts village and a collection of relics.

If you are interested in exploring the nature of Nigerian heritage, most especially the Oron people, or are interested in learning about the civil war, then the Oron Museum is a place you must sightsee. To complement the Oron museum is the free flowing Oron river just opposite the museum.

The tour guides are highly knowledgeable about each relic within the museum and have really captivating story telling abilities.

Ojukwu’s Bunker [MoMAA]


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