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Nuolla Cupcakes is a new and exciting business that has set out to bake simple, delicious and beautiful cakes. I started baking about 2 years ago but never really took it seriously until a year ago, and my passion for baking grew even further.

Initially we started baking cupcakes at home just for the fun of it but then realized that I really enjoyed it, so my Mum and I decided to go for training at a company based outside London. Their recipe and techniques were based on the well-known Hummingbird bakeries in London.

Last year February, Nuolla cupcakes teamed up with D’Juice Bar for a tasting event and the aim was to showcase our products for people to taste and make purchase. It turned out to be a fantastic occasion for us, because the invitees were highly impressed and all the cakes were sold out same night.

In Lagos and Ibadan, there are several cupcake bakers, some of who just bake because it’s in vogue, while others bake out of passion. What makes our cakes different from others is the consistency of quality and good taste. We also include few imported ingredients. Not only do we bake the commonly known flavours such as vanilla and chocolate, we often experiment with other flavours such as Pina colada and Guinness cupcakes. 

We have endeavoured to stand out in order to satisfy the teeming population of cake users irrespective of the events.

Nuolla Cupcakes is always opened to critique and we feel it is important to constantly improve in business and change with the time. It gives me great feelings to know that our customers are quite satisfied with our cakes.

One of our favourite cupcakes is Vanilla, because it’s very simple yet tasty.


First of all, mix together the butter and sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy. Then in another bowl pour the flour (sifted) with the baking powder, and in a jug pour eggs and vanilla essence.
Now, you start by pouring about a third of the flour into the butter and sugar and mix, then add about a third of the liquid (egg and vanilla essence) into the mixture. 

The mixture should now begin to thicken, continue this process until you have finished pouring all the ingredients.

Pre-heat your oven to 190c, while you spoon the batter into the individual cupcake cases. Place the cake pan into the oven until the cakes have risen (usually 20-25mins). Then bring out to cool down.

For the frosting, mix together the butter and icing sugar until they are fully integrated and fluffy. Then to complete the process, add your vanilla essence and mix it until it is no longer visible. Now you can top the cakes with the icing and decorate as you wish.

The Vanilla cupcake will make a perfect ending to a nice meal. It is light, fluffy and delicious, also a recipe the whole family can enjoy.




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