Nigerian UK-Based Nurse Sacked & Deported Over Prayers

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A Nigerian nurse based in the United Kingdom has been reportedly sacked and deported after she was found praying for her dying elderly patient.

In a post shared on X popular Nigerian doctor @drolufunmilayo, said it is unethical in the UK for nurses to bring religion into their duties.

He wrote “I just read the sad story of a Nigerian who came to UK employed by an agency to work as a carer for elderly people. She was assigned to care for an elderly patient who was dying and she was reported for ‘praying for the client to get better.’ Yeah. She got sacked and deported.”

He further explained that bringing religion or imposing religious views on patients/clients is seen as “abuse of trust and misuse of your position.” He added that you are expected to simply do your job and focus on your job.

“Even if the patient/client were to bring up a religious conversation, you should refer them to speak with a pastor, chaplain, imam, cleric, or any religious figure. As a health worker, you should not be engaging in religious activities with a patient/client.”

Olufunmilayo said if reported, a health worker can lose employment, and also lose “sponsorship and visa to remain in the country.”

He said he was using the making it public to “create awareness regarding this situation- especially for any Nigerian attempting to come to UK or already in UK as a health worker or carer.” He urged Nigerians to leave religion out of their professional work space.

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