Movie Review: Ageshinkole (King of Thieves) and Elesin Oba (The King’s Horseman)

Art, culture and language were used to display authenticity in both of these movies.

Some Nigerians often say “I don’t watch Nigerian movies”, usually with the opinion that Nigerian movies are poorly produced and usually have repeated storylines. Such is not the case for the Yoruba Epic movies, Ageshinkole and Elesin Oba.

We can boldly say these two, amongst few others, have changed the narrative. They gave such representation that Nigerian movies, even though completely indigenous can still be widely accepted across the nation and internationally.

The beautiful representation of the Yoruba culture in both movies, from the language to the attires, the dances, the worship system, setting and lifestyle, were enough to keep viewers glued to their screens. The movies gave such great attention to detail in the aesthetic representation of culture and lifestyle of the Yoruba.

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Ageshinkole, King of thieves, co-produced by Anthill Studios and Euphoria 360, gave a story of heroism, friendship, betrayal, love, maternal love and revenge. Co-directed by Adebayo Tijani and Tope Adebayo, King of thieves is an epic story of a notorious thief living in a town with zero tolerance for stealing. The invisible bandit driven by revenge, terrorized the fictional kingdom of Ajeromi.

The opening and ending scenes saw Segun Arinze narrating the story of Ageshinkole, which lasted throughout the movie. Ageshinkole, the reincarnated prince who was betrayed by selfish chiefs of Ajeromi is on a mission to seek revenge, accompanied by his best friend. Both were unjustly killed according to the strict rule of Ajeromi against stealing.

Oba Tadenikaro who had just finished his coronation rites by paying homage to all existing terrestrial factions in his kingdom was loved by all, except ageshinkole. The new king’s reign was threatened by the formidable and notorious robber.

All attempts to bring normalcy to the kingdom failed. The Sango worshippers, the witches (led by Queen Mobonuola in an attempt to preserve her husband’s throne) and wizards, even the hunters couldn’t face the valor and power of Agenshinkole. Abegunde, a brave member of the masquerade faction tried but ended up as a gourd in Ageshinkole’s belle.

Oguntade, the head hunter who stole a deer in an attempt to save his wife’s life must now face the consequences as is the rule in Ajeromi. He was sentenced to conquer the notorious robber or face death. Here, a desperate and loving mother must save her son from the jaws of death. Now, which is greater, fear of Ageshinkole, or a mother’s love?

Ageshinkole is a star studded movie featuring Femi Adebayo (Ageshinkole), Odunlade Adekola (Oba Tadenikaro), Ibrahim Chatta (Oguntade), Toyin Abraham (Queen Mobonuola), Dele Odule (Otun), Lateef Adedimeji (Abegunde), Aisha Lawal (Oguntade’s wife), Segun Arinze (Narrator).

Elesin Oba, the King’s Horseman directed by Biyi Bandele and distributed by Netflix and Ebony Life films, based upon a true life story, is an adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman. The Historic movie was set in 1940 Oyo town, Nigeria.

The Alaafin (king) died a month ago and as tradition requires, Elesin oba, the King’s horseman must perform a ritual suicide in order to accompany the King in the afterlife. This will in turn prevent disaster from befalling the village.

Elesin oba spurred on by his sexual appetite is reluctant to perform his sacred duty. He finds a maiden and requests that Iyaloja (Leader of the market women), grants his last wish to make the maiden his.

Traditions must be followed, the Elesin’s last request must be granted, even though the maiden is Iyaloja’s son’s fiancée. Wedding preparations were made and the two were married in an elaborate fashion befitting of a great chief.

Now, the ritual must be performed the same night. The King’s favorite horse is slain, the king’s favorite dog is slain, Elesin must join his king. His hesitation leads to a lethal confrontation with the British who had gotten word of a suicide attempt from Amusa, a police officer.

Olunde, Elesin’s son who happens to be a medical doctor has come back from the UK to bury his father. Elesin oba’s distraction cost him a great deal more than he bargained for and spelt doom for his land and his people.

Also a star studded movie, Eleshin Oba features Odunlade Adekola (Elesin Oba), Shaffy Bello (Iyaloja), Olawale “Brymo” Oloforo (Olohun Iyo, praise singer), Deyemi Okalawon (Olunde), Jide Kosoko (Sergeant Amusa), Omowunmi Dada (Bride), Mark Elderkin (Simon), Jenny Stead (Jane), Taiwo Ajai-Lycett (Madam Taiwo) Ajoke Silver (Madam Bola).



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