Messi Confirms 2022 World Cup will be his last

Loinel Messi has confirmed that the 2022 world cup in Qatar will “surely” be his last.

[Photo Credit: Times of India]

The 35 year old Argentina star, announced on Thursday that the World Cup in Qatar next month, will be his last “for sure”.

He said “This will be my last world cup, surely. I am counting down the days to the world cup”.

Messi will be competing in his fifth World cup in Qatar. Whether the PSG star will continue to play for the national team after Qatar is left to be seen.

However, Messi said he will be “heading to Qatar with a positive outlook as the elder statesman on a team full of young talent, while also still relishing Argentina’s massive Copa America win last year”, as reported by ESPN.

The player will be going into the World Cup with “the only trophy that has eluded him throughout his career at the forefront of his mind”.



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