Light Brown Apple Moth

The Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas Postvittana) is a leafroller moth belonging to the lepidopteran family moth (Torticidae).

[Photo Credit: Butterfly Conservation]

The light brown apple moth is an insect native to Australia, but they now live in New Caledonia, the British Isles, Hawaii and New Zealand.

The adult light brown apple moth have varying colors that may be confused with that of other leafroller moths. In order to easily identify them, in larvae form, DNA analysis is usually required.

The male light brown apple moth have a forewing length of 6-10 mm, while the female have a forewing length of 7-13mm. A mature larva has a medium green body with a darker green central stripe and two side stripes.

Light brown apple moth eggs are laid in clusters of 3-150 on leaves or fruits, with a single female laying hundreds of eggs. They go through three generation annually with a partial fourth generation in some years.

During mating seasons, females release a blend of sex pheromone to attract males. The blend is a mixture of two compounds used to attract related species of moths to the pheromone scent.

Light brown apple moth are herbivores, while the larvae feed on crops. They feed on all types of fruit crops, ornamentals, vegetables, glasshouse crops, and young pine seedlings.

The species of light brown apples have been classified as a harmful insect in the United States and Canada and have been greatly controlled and monitored.


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