Legault Explains his Position on Immigration

Coalition Avenir Quebec leader, Francois Legault explains his position on immigration after apologizing for suggesting immigration leads to extremism and violence during the provincial election campaign.

[Photo credit: The Global News]

Legault said it would be “suicidal for the Quebec nation if more than 50,000 immigrants arrive in the province per year”. He made the statement during an event at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal today.

Jean Boulet, the Incumbent Immigration minister, had made similar comments in a debate, saying 80 percent of immigrants who settle in Montreal don’t work, speak French or share the provincial values. The minister later apologized for his “poorly expressed thoughts”.

However, even though Legault said the Minister made an error in judgment, he told reporters that he doesn’t regret using the word “suicidal” to refer to the consequences of accepting more than 50,000 immigrants on Quebec.

Other provincial leaders have condemned these comments by Legault and Boulet.


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