Kanye West Announces 30 Days “Verbal Fast”

Kanye West says he will observe 30 days verbal fast, won’t speak, drink or have sex.

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Kanye West, now popularly known as Ye, has announced that he will go on a “30-day cleanse”. The rapper said he will not be speaking, drinking or having sex for the next thirty days.

After being reinstated on Twitter following ElonMusk takeover, the Donda hitmaker tweeted on Thursday “I’m not talking to noooobody for a month”.

The 45-year old rapper was banned on Twitter and Instagram following Anti-Semitic statement and only recently came back to Twitter, although still restricted on Instagram. “I’m taking a 30 day cleanse. A verbal fast. No alcohol. No adult films. No intercourse. In God we praise. Amen”, he tweeted.

However, West says his verbal fast is only physical saying he will still air his opinion on Twitter. “But my Twitter still lit”, he confessed.

Anti-Semitic statements made by West led to him experiencing backlash and losing his billionaire status on Forbes. Several companies including Adidas cut ties with the rapper as a result of his statement.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter restored the rapper’s account before he acquired the platform. @ye @elonmusk


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