How To Make your Own Recipe

There are several ways you can adapt recipes to become your own and change the flavor of a dish to become exclusively yours.

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Follow these tips to create your own recipe.

First, you must know the cooking style(s) you would like to adopt. Start with a food that you are familiar with, this will help you to identify what you want to correct or modify.

Secondly, make research. When you have identified your style, make research by browsing through existing recipe books, to have your own idea. Review recipes that have received positive outcomes. Also, you can google online about recipes that you have in mind.

Make a list of those ingredients and take note of the ones you would like to modify. Then identify why you would want to make the changes and type of changes you have in mind. Is it due to health? Or to increase serving portions?

Afterwards, you will then try the recipe out and get first-hand experience on how you made the corrections. Although, you need to understand that some recipes cannot be switched up or replaced. Changing a recipe may end up being disastrous for your meal. Learn the right ratio and proportion for the recipes.

Lastly, write down everything, every step of the way. List the ingredients and write down instructions. Then give it a name.

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