How To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

While every relationship is different, everyone wants to learn how to keep the spark alive in their relationship. Not enough time and less focus on the relationship can leave you both feeling unappreciated, and losing the spark is inevitable. Josie Smith gives tips on ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

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Learn to Ask: Always ask for something new every week. Instead of assuming you know what your partner wants, or hoping they can figure out your need, make it a point to ask for what you want. Turn it into a game, if you would like. At the beginning of each week, think of something you would both have to work on for that week.

Make Eye Contact: When you are having a conversation, focus on making eye contact so that your partner knows you’re listening. When in a crowded place, try to lock eyes across the room, keep the eye contact longer than you would normally. Intimacy happens in the little moments!

Make Laughing Together a Top Priority: See the humor in your disagreements or uncomfortable moments. Laughter is the best medicine to keep the spark alive. Watch or do something that will make you laugh together. Have inside jokes that only you understands and can relate to.

Kiss: Make sure kissing is part of your relationship, make it spontaneous and meaningful. Kiss passionately and deeply when there’s no expectation or reason at all. Do it at random, in the middle of a conversation, when it’s least expected, just to remind your partner that you love them.

Put Your Phone Down: You do not want to spend the little time you have together scrolling through social media. Consider every minute precious and act accordingly. Stay present whenever you are together, start a conversation instead, play a game together, see a movie, or anything that brings you together.


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