How to Help your Child Choose a Career

Here are some helpful tips on how to help your child choose a career.

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It is mostly good for you to have a conversation with your child about their career path and how best to help them. However, you must resist the urge to dictate to them. Instead, sit down together and help them decide what they would love to do.

Often times, children give indication of what they may be interested in over the years, as they grow. As a parent you may have noticed this and it is best to help them exhibit their full potential. Although, children usually have a change of mind and sometimes what you assume to be their interest may simply be a hobby that will eventually not blossom into a full blown career.

Then again, there is the issue of wanting to project yourself unto your child. Some parents feel they are within their right to choose a career for their child. Well, these few tips will help you to know how best to help your child choose a career as they prepare to go to college and of course without being overbearing.

Identify their Strength: Since you know your child so well, then you can help remind them of what they do so well. This will help them to form a decision on whether they would like to pursue their passion. Note how well your child relate with others, how they handle things on their own and so on. When you point all these out to them, it will help them make an informed decision on their career preference.

Discuss Interests: Don’t just assume, you may be wrong. Ask them about their interests. What interests them more in school than others, the extracurricular activities they enjoy and everything along that line. Listen to them and be supportive.

User Your Connections: Let them talk to people you know who are already in the same career. This will help to further strengthen their decision on the chosen career path. You will always find people in their field of interest who are willing to speak with them.

Suggest other Options: Do not be forceful in your suggestions. After they may have spoken with professionals and they are still confused, you can then suggest other options to them. For example, you are very good with people, why not try psychology. You can also suggest the locations they are likely to live if they choose that profession.


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