How To Choose The Right Perfume.

Getting the right perfume, as simple as it sounds is not an easy task. A good perfume or cologne might prove heavy on the pocket but gives the best value compared to packaged fragrances. Like body sprays, deodorant and eau de toilette. Most perfumes are flowery scents, woody or citrus in scent. When you have used three to four kinds of perfume, it’s left to you to decide the kind of scent you want to wear.

Choose your perfume with care, some of these modern perfumes cause damage to the skin. It is better you go for a skin test before you choose them.

  • Choose your perfumes according to occasion. Perfumes are almost like dresses and different perfumes suit different occasions. For a cocktail party one with three or four persons or corporate event, the demand is for less sophistication. Go on a subtle scent that does not arouse the public.
  • For a wedding party, Ball or clubbing, go on strong and a less land perfumes for these kinds of gathering take much time the perfume would mask body odors.

Applying your perfume is not so problematic but most people get to apply this perfume wrongly. It’s politically incorrect to drench yourself in perfumes just because you like the fragrance. This will make you a nuisance to others who will choke and literally suffocate around you. As a result you will inconvenience them. Some may even have allergies and you can trigger it off with such over-use of perfume.

  • Don’t splash it all over your clothes
  • Apply behind your ear lobes
  • The upper side of your neck, these applause points make the fragrance last longer

Don’t sub your wrist after spraying on perfume. This reduces the effect of the top layer of perfume. If you are so funky then funkify the way you spray perfume to a finish by spraying it in the air and walk through. Now it is great to smell fresh but don’t become an air-freshener! Use perfumes judiciously and with a touch of class.



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