How to Choose the Perfect Church Wear

Dressing to church is no longer about wearing your best outfit, modernity has made it into dressing elegantly and beautifully.

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Making a decision on what to wear to church can be pretty challenging. There is no general rule on what to wear, only make sure you dress modestly and elegantly.

Most churches are fully air conditioned, so make sure to have a jacket or cardigan handy. Do not wear skin tight or transparent dresses. Men may wear a suit if you love, or just go with the traditional pants and shirt, with a tie.  Make sure your shirt is well pressed and neat.

You do not like to wear a dress? You can dress in jeans, paired with a nice fitting, modest shirt and shoes. Keep in mind it is a place of worship and not a party. Be respectful with your choice.

Make sure your dress is below the knee, avoid showing too much. Pleated skirts, maxi gowns, pant suits are a good choice. You may also wear a short dress or skirt, provided they are not revealing.

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Keep in mind the tradition of your church, some denominations have specific dress guidelines. If you are attending for the first time, make sure to research.



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