How to Care for Your Goldfish

Taking care of goldfish require an understanding of basic fishkeeping as goldfish have specific needs that must be met. Just like any other pet, they require proper care and attention and an adequate living arrangement to suit their need.

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First you must set up your aquarium before you buy your fish. Fish are very sensitive and get stressed from moving from one location to the other. You want to make sure you are not transferring your goldfish from one bag or bowl to another.

Make sure that the tank is large enough. According to wikiHow, “minimum requirement for a goldfish is 20 to 30 U.S. gallons”. Goldfish need enough space to grow and survive.

Generally, you are supposed to decorate your fish tank with gravels, but you must ensure that you use gavel that will not get stuck in their throat. Use very large gravel that your goldfish cannot swallow when they are digging for food.

Ensure your goldfish tank has enough light and scenery. Goldfish are active during the day and they need light to maintain a healthy life cycle. Another essential tank requirement is a water filter. Keeping the water clean and filtered will keep your goldfish content and healthy. Clean your aquarium even if it does not look dirty.

Feed your goldfish once a day and at the same time each day. Ensure you do not overfeed them, and give them the right amount of nutrition. Consult your vet on what to feed your goldfish with.


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