The Honey Badger is a mammal native to the African, Southwestern Asia, and Indian continents.

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Honey badger is also known as THE RATEL. Referred to as the world’s most fearless creature, they are notorious for their strength, viciousness and toughness. They are known to fearlessly attack their predators when escape is impossible.

The avaricious omnivores got their name, honey badger, from their love for honey and honeybee larvae. They also feed on insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fruits, berries and roots. They mostly hunt for their own food but often times scavenge when the opportunity arises.

Honey badgers are usually active during the day and can survive in all conditions. They are mostly loners, although may be occasionally spotted with a mating partner. They are believed to have a gestation period of six months which produces two cubs.


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