High-Tech Displays Parallel Reality at Detroit Airport.

Many travelers were left stunned at the Detroit Airport with the high-tech “parallel reality” display of personal flight information.

[Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press]

In a video, multiple travelers were left stunned when they found out that they could view their personal travel information without anyone else seeing it.

In what was described as a “parallel reality experience”, a large digital screen is used to display the personal flight information of multiple travelers at the same. Interestingly, no one else can view your information.

With this new high-tech, you can scan your boarding pass, look up at the large digital screen, and see just see your flight information as well as the number of minutes it will take you to walk to the gate.

As reported by TRT World, “it doesn’t matter if you are standing next to a person, or one hundred. Each person only sees their own information”. “Minds blown”, said the reporter.

Of course, people were really amazed at the “parallel reality experience. “It’s other worldly”, said a traveler. Another stunned traveler said “Like, I literally don’t. How’s that possible?

Albert NG, CEO and co-founder of Misapplied Sciences, while speaking on TRT World, said, “He started developing the parallel reality technology in 2014”. “Above our heads is a motion sensor that detects moving object as you’re walking around. It’s non-biometric, it doesn’t know anything about each of those objects that are walking around”, he said.

NG further explained that “so even though the flight boards that exist today have the flight information, it is a list of a hundred flights. It’s up to you to look through that information board and find your flight”.

“So as soon as you enter the airport, it greets you by name, lets you know where to go, which security checkpoint is easiest for you. Arrows lighting your path all the way through the airport to your gate, reminding you how many minutes you have to walk”, he said.




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