Grannies in The Ring

Malik Afegbua creates stunning AI designs of granny superheroes.

Malik Afegbua @slickcityceo keeps sharing a world of AI beauties with the world. This new collection is a design of granny superheroes. “The Grannies are taking up Twilight Town,” he wrote.

“Gun and Knife violence has surged three-fold from last year, and the situation is only escalating in this small town. People have been protesting, town hall meetings have been had, but to no avail. But there’s a shining light in the midst of all this darkness- despite how deeply involved people are with the gangs, their love for their grandparents always remain firm, and they would never want them to get hurt.”

Grannies know how outrageous staging a boxing match might seem, but they know this will get their grandkid’s attention, at least to get them to listen… but did it work?”

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Written by Monsurat

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