sumptuous hideaway

It is a sumptuous hideaway set on a 10 plot land strategically located on the tranquil Lekki Peninsular. It is ideally located to cater for tourists; of good advantage are also the staff and students of the Pan African University/Lagos Business School. The school is a stone throw away, directly opposite the hotel. 

With beautifully designed facilities to suit guests and tourists, Gran Melia has everything you would require to make your imagination a reality. From free Wi-Fi access to conference areas to a massive swimming pool, different bars and a restaurant with fantastic menu designed by the resident chef to suit  individual’s dietary needs.

The Amenities include:

Well furnished colourful rooms: these are spacious rooms with enough leg space and carefully selected furnishing colours that enhance relaxation. 

*Attractively stylish furniture: the careful selection of their range of furnishings made use of the finest wood which makes the furnishing strong. The excellence of the craftsman’s art can be seen in the diverse shapes and sizes in which the wood has been carved…all with the aim of delivering comfort in an innovative way.

*Nicely decorated state of the art conference/seminar facility: the conference hall is built to be suitable for seminars and several other events; the design and arrangement of its accessories further accentuate its beauty.

*Keep fit gym: installed is a well equipped gym for the use of their guest to stay fit and healthy throughout the period of their stay.

*Exotic bars (for smokers & non-smokers): taking into cognizance individual habits and preferences, Gran Melia’ has provided bars which suit all classes of people and well stocked with assorted choice drinks. Drinks range from alcoholic to non alcoholic, fruit drinks from different countries. All age groups can comfortably make an order at the bars for their drink of choice. Definitely your choice is available.

*Swimming pool with a qualified instructor/life Guard. The swimming pool is wide and well maintained for use of guests with enough lounging space for sun tanning and relaxation should you opt not to swim. Also there is a qualified instructor on hand to teach anyone who seeks to learn the art of swimming.

*24 hours restaurant: equipped to provide all kinds of dishes from continental, inter-continental to local and managed by one of the finest chefs in town. The restaurant runs for 24 hours giving you the special privilege to place an order at your convenience.

*Out-door event space: The premises of Gran Melia also boast of an out-door event space for occasions. It is spacious and beautifully decorated to give your event a unique outlook that will appeal to the taste of all guests.

*Weekends: Weekends are not left out of the package to satisfy all range of callers and guests especially. A live band is always on hand to set the mood as you relax and enjoy the barbeque, grills and pizza which are available. Film shows are offered as well.

Gran Melia’ promises a lifetime experience!


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