Goldie Harvey: SUNSET AT DAWN!


Africa has been robbed of a lady full of passion and who with a relentless spirit changed her own world, and the world of those who lived around her for the better.

Goldie Harvey is one of Nigeria’s finest female music icons that died on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February, 2013 shortly after she returned from Los Angeles, United States where she attended the 55th Grammy Awards.

She had a nurturing acumen and took care of those she considered in need without a second thought. After spending a few days close to her, you could tell she was indeed a God fearing, well-groomed young woman with a bright and promising future setting the sky as its limit. Indeed, she would be remembered for what she stood for and the life she lived before parting ways with this cruel world.

After her demise, series of tributes have been pouring in. Needless to say she was an artiste of incredibly high reputation.

Before her demise, africanpride magazine had the privilege of a brief chat with her shortly before she travelled for the 55th Grammy awards held in Los
Angeles, United States of America. It was all about her life. Little did we know that she was granting us a valedictory interview.

She was simply sensational music wise. Little wonder she left a degree in Business
Management from Sutherland UK to pursue her passion, Music. She devoted most of her time to the pursuit of that passion. Having participated in the last reality show ‘Big Brother Africa, All Stars’, we took a peep into the life of this star in the music industry.

Admittedly she had her fair share of controversies which is akin to most stars. However, when asked why she had more female fans on a National TV program, her response fanned more controversy flames. “I think girls see me as a role model, someone they can look up to; someone who inspires them as opposed to male fans who probably see me as more of a sex symbol.”

That took the breath of many away but they could gasp for all they cared, I thought those were words as true as the sun. Goldie was a role model and an idol. She was however very clear about the message to her male admirers: Don’t Touch My Body!

From a religious family that brought her up without toys, friends and a social life, she went on to become a household sensation. “I always knew I would be in one form of entertainment or the other. Funny enough, I just didn’t know how or what branch of entertainment…From a young age, I’d always play active roles in church and school entertainment activities. I loved creating fantasies in my mind and sometimes would even draw or write out these fantasies in the form of
short stories”.

Evidently, Goldie had to grapple with initial tough challenges of family opposition to her choice of musical career. She said “Let me say categorically, that my parents were
dead set against me being an artiste. My dad remains a bit uncomfortable, but he has given me his blessings and so has my mum. I think this is because they see that I have love for it-that it’s not just a hobby, but my passion”.

Her career began from her university days while in school in the UK rehearsing informally with her friends, “while I was in the UK, I mingled and became fast friends with some lovely girls. We had an informal band and we’d perform in the oddest of places. Just for the fun of it in the beginning, but then we took it up seriously. Nothing much came out of it though”.

After graduation she went on to start a date reminder service which is akin to events planning but on a very personal level.  In the course of doing that a friend introduced her to Mannie of Cool Fm, and that was how it started for her. “He was supposed to do some jingles for my company, radio advertisement jingles.

In the process, he played some instruments, the piano, the guitar, he sang and I was like Wow! And then he said he also produced. He played some tracks he had produced. I was abashed. We headed for the studio to record. One thing led to the other and I ended up hooking up with OJB, who produced my very first single, “Komole”. The video to that track was shot in April 2007”. 

Her philosophy of life is live and let live. ‘Africa is a great continent. We’re a great people. Civilization started from Africa. Let’s prove to the world by our actions that civilization did indeed start from here. Let us learn to love and respect each other despite our diverse cultures, language and religion’. Inspite of her painful exit, her memories would linger in the minds of her husband, friends, colleagues and fans.

Below is Goldie’s husband, Andrew Harvey’s tribute to his wife

Susan you walked into my life, as though God sent you as a fresh breath. I still remember your response to my first love message. You said ‘Love killed Romeo, sent Diana to an early grave and killed Jack on the Titanic. Forget about love, just have friendship and live long. Overtime our love grew to a depth I’d never known. You were the best years of my life, your smile, and your desire to live your dream.

For her Romeo friend Denrele, here is his tribute

“My super star friend sways away and I stand watching till she fades away in the horizon and someone at my side says “she’s gone”…Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as gorgeous now as when last I saw her. Her slightly disappearing figure and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her. And just at that moment, when someone at my side says she’s gone, there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon and other voices take up a glad shout- There she comes! That is what dying is – a horizon and just the limit of our sight.

My lifeline, my lexicon, therapist and support system…we have known lots of pleasure, at times endured pain; we have lived in the sunshine and walked in the rain. I had acute malaria (was shaking terribly) but performed “skibobo” with you at the Industry Night and Loud and Proud show, I sprained my ankle but still shot your three videos in a row in S/A…I left my family house and moved in with you and your family right after all the Big Brother Africa madness, I did all the damage control…

I fought every organizer simply because I wanted you on the bill with me and split my show earnings with you. I dragged you to the American Embassy even if it meant I had to get up at 4am. I endured negative criticism because shallow minds couldn’t comprehend your brand essence – I started wearing block heels (you got me the most fabulous pair of Jeffrey Campbells) and I damned the consequences.

I recorded the reality show “True Friendship” with you because you went on and on about it and I wanted to please you. I have been your fierce alter ego in all your videos, I have fought your fights, endured countless eccentric P.As with you…I can go on and on and this is how you leave me? You chose an eternal sleep over a fabulous life with me? Lest I forget, I ate the entire box of birthday chocolates Bola sent to you!

Phew, I can’t type anymore, I’m playing “Good To Me” (always disturbed you to release that song) and my notepad is a misty mass of my never-ending tears. So sad when people who give you the best memories, become a memory! The Goldie I knew, despite your success and worldwide recognition, still wondered, “Am I good enough?” “Am I pretty enough?” “Will they like me?” It was this burden that made you great…And that made you stumble in the end.

Goldie if you can hear me now, you weren’t good just good enough – You were abso-frigging-lutely GREAT! You sang the whole damn song without a band- you made the picture of a showbiz star look so perfect! Your parting has left a void, but I will fill it with remembered joy.

A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss and oh yes, these things I too will miss. Even though we are separated and for a time apart, I am not alone because you’re forever in my heart. I will move mountains to continue your legacies; I will crash ceilings to spread your good works,

I will break barriers to sell your “market” but above all, I will cherish the awesome times we spent together…You will forever be my source of infinity! We wore the same shoe size and had the same body proportions. You made me start strutting lashes and recall I wore that black dress of yours you never got to wear? No masterpiece can ever match your face! To everyone reading this piece, let my dear friend rest in peace! Speak no evil of her; she was too good to be true!

 I can hear you say to me…Mbirikoko, do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep, Do not stand at my grave and cry…I am not there, I did not die! 

Former Big Brother housemate, Prezzo’s also paid a tribute to the music icon;
God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not meant to be. So he put his arms around you, and whispered come with me. With tearful eyes we watched you, as we saw you pass away. Although, we loved you deeply, we could not make you stay. Your golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us… He only takes the best.



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