Funny Names Nigerians Give Cars

Some cars have become so popular that Nigerians have funny names for them according to their looks or situations surrounding them. Sometimes, these nicknames overshadow the actual name of the car, so much that people actually forget them.

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Toyota Camry 2008: Nicknamed “SPIDER”. This car was named spider by Nigerians because it is easily controlled and maneuvered on any kind of road.

Toyota Camry 2003: Nicknamed “BIG FOR NOTHING”. Nigerians named this car big for nothing because it was bigger than the older series, but there was nothing spectacular about it.

Honda Accord 2009/2012: Nicknamed “EVIL SPIRIT” because of the design of its headlamps which is said to have a scary look.

Mercedes Benz 300 1990: Nicknamed “V BOOT/V NYANSH” because of the design at the time. The shape of its boot was said to have been unique which earned it the nickname V Boot.

Honda Accord 2003-2005: Nicknamed “END OF DISCUSSION” because of its advert tagline, “The new Honda Accord, End of discussion”.

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Honda Accord 20062007: Nicknamed “DISCUSSION CONTINUES” because it was the updated version of “End of Discussion”.

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