Four Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

Cucumbers are long thin vegetables with a hard green skin and wet transparent flesh. They can be eaten in salads or eaten raw.

[Photo Credit: Gardener's path]

Cucumbers are interestingly considered fruits as well. They have a slight, refreshing taste with high water content. Cucumbers are also known to effectively work on the skin. It has been added to beauty products and used directly on the skin. Here are some health benefits of cucumber.

Hydration: Cucumbers consist enough water to help you stay hydrated. They have been proven to prevent dehydration in hot weather or after a workout. Thus in turn helping to prevent constipation, and help maintain a healthy intestine.

Highly Nutritious: Cucumbers have a high number of nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, Magnesium, and so on. When eaten unpeeled they contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Lowers Blood Sugar: Researchers have found that cucumber may be beneficial to lowering the blood sugar levels and prevent diabetic complications. It is a good diet option for people with elevated blood sugar levels.

Aids Digestion: The high content of water in cucumber helps cool the stomach thereby preventing constipation and aiding bowel movements. They are a great source of healthy probiotic bacteria, which may improve digestion.




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