Flashback to Queen Elizabeth II Visit to Nigeria

The Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning British Monarch who died at 96 after 70 years of reign.

[Daily Sketch/REX/Shutter stock]

Elizabeth II was Head of State of Nigeria, which was then a British colony, from 1960 to 1963. The Queen made her first visit to Nigeria in 1956, where she spent 20 days from January 28th, 1956 to February 16th, 1956. The Queen visited several towns, but spent most of her visit in the North with the Sultan. She also commissioned her sculpture, carved by Ben Enwonu.

Queen Elizabeth Sculpture by Ben Enwonwu [Business Daily]
The Queen’s second visit was in 2003. The Queen spent four days in the country where she attended the Commonwealth Head of Government meeting that was hosted by Nigeria. The Queen was the head of the Commonwealth.
Queen Elizabeth with Obasanjo in her second visit [Culture Custodian]


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