Five DIY Gift Ideas for your Friends

DIY gifts are usually creative, personal and fun to make. If you are looking to make some creative gifts for your friends, these are some easy to make gift ideas they would absolutely love.

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  1. Picture Frame: You can create a picture frame of you having fun together and the precious moments you share with them. You may be willing to gift your friend pictures of places you’ve been and memories you’ve created together, but to buy a picture frame can be expensive.
    [Photo Credit: Vivian Butler]
  2. BFF Care Package: If you have a friend that is into skin care, put together scented bath self-care packages that they will love. Put a scented candle, bath bomb, body scrub and these would mean the world to them. You could also include something they love to eat or maybe snack on while they pamper their body.
    [Photo Credit: Pinterest]
  3. Make a Notebook: You can make a personalized gift for your friend out of a blank notepad and cardboard.
    [Photo Credit: Dear Handmade Life]
  4. Friendship Bracelets: Make a colorful friendship bracelet for your friends. They are cute and have sentimental values.
    [Photo Credit: Honestly WTF]
  5. Fabric Tote: A good DIY gift idea for your friend is a fabric tote. They can be used to carry stuff around and are environmentally friendly. When you use a fabric that suits your friend’s style, they love it more.
    [Photo Credit: DIY Joy]


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